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Inspirational & Meaningful Status – I have posted many Collections for Whatsapp Statuses about Love, Romance, Attitude, Bewafai but this time I’m posting Statuses that have strong meaning and that motivates and inspire you to achieve your ultimate goal.

Meaningful Status

I hope you’ll like these Meaningful Status collection, and don’t forget to share them with your friends and post status on their whatsapp and facebook wall. If you have Your Meaningful Status and want to share with us, then you can comment your best meaningful status in the comment box below, we’ll add them into our list.

You Can, You Should, And If You’re Brave Enough To Start, You Will.

I’M Nobody, Nobody Is Perfect, And Therefore I’M Perfect.

Life Is A Process. We Are A Process. The Universe Is A Process.

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God Made Every Person Different, He Just Got Tired By The Time He Got To China.

Keep Smiling & One Day Life Will Tired Of Upsetting You 🙂

The Bad News Is Time Flies. The Good News Is You’Re The Pilot

It Is Easier To Build Up A Child Than It Is To Repair An Adult…

There’S Only One Corner Of The Universe You Can Be Certain Of Improving, And That’S Your Own Self

Work Hard. Dream Big.

The Best Things In Life Are Unseen, That’S Why We Close Our Eyes When We Kiss & Dream.

When A Person Can’T Find A Deep Sense Of Meaning, They Distract Themselves With Pleasure.

My Girlfriend Is Like My Ipad…I Don`T Have An Ipad.

Don’t Sweat For The Small Stuff.

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It’S The Good Girls Who Keep Diaries, The Bad Girls Never Have The Time.

Don’T Hate What You Don’T Understand.

People With Good Intentions Make Promises But People With Good Character Keep Them.

We All Get The Exact Same 365 Days. The Only Difference Is What We Do With Them

Borrow Money From A Pessimist- – He Doesn’t Expect It Back.

One Day Your Life Will Lash Before Your Eyes, Make Sure It’S Worth Watching.

Oh No. Don’T Smile. You’Ll Kill Me. I Stop Breathing When You Smile.

Every Moment I Spent With You Is Like A Dream Come True <3

A Ship In Harbor Is Safe, But That Is Not What Ships Are Built For.

Pretty Words Are Not Always True, And True Words Are Not Always Pretty.

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The Most Difficult Thing Is The Decision To Act, The Rest Is Merely Tenacity.

Don’T Need To Explain Myself, I Know I’M Right!

They Say That Alcohol Kills Slowly. So What? Who’S In A Hurry?

Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolates. You Never Know What You’Re Gonna Get.

In Everything, There Must Be A Season, A Time To Come And A Time To Go..

Never Give Up On Something That You Can’T Go A Day Without Thinking About.

What Screws Us Up The Most In Life Is The Picture In Our Head Of How It Is Supposed To Be.

If You’Re Talking Abt Me Behind Mah Back….. Go Ahead This Is The Best Angle To Kiss Mah Ass!

If You Don’T Like Something, Change It. If You Can’T Change It, Change Your Attitude

The Good Life Is One Inspired By Love And Guided By Knowledge.

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Life Must Be Lived Forwards, But Can Only Be Understood Backwards.

If You Dream It, You Can Do It.

Don’t Make A Girl Fall For You If You Have No Intention Of Catching Her 🙂

Before You Judge Me, Make Sure That You’Re Perfect.

Courage Is Knowing What Not To Fear.

Ignore Worries, Avoid Tensions, Believe In Your Intentions, Have No Fears And Love Your Dears.

It Is Better To Have Bad Breath Than To Have No Breath At All.

You Can Retire From A Job, But Don’t Ever Retire From Making Extremely Meaningful Contributions In Life.

Life Is Made Of Ever So Many Partings Welded Together.

Love Seems Like The Best Thing That Happened To Me Because Its You.

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The Only Way To Have A Friend Is To Be One.

Do Not Dwell In The Past, Do Not Dream Of The Future, Concentrate The Mind On The Present Moment.

When I’m Good I’m Best, When I’m Bad I’m Worst.

Life Is A One Time Offer, Use It Well.

Good Girls Are Bad Girls, Who Never Get Caught.

If You Don’T Follow Your Heart, You Might Spend The Rest Of Your Life Wishing You Had

Yesterday Is Gone. Tomorrow Has Not Yet Come. We Have Only Today. Let Us Begin.

So these were best meaningful status in english, i hope you really enjoyed them and picked some statuses to set them on your whatsapp profile and to share them with your friends on facebook and whatsapp wall.

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