100+ Most Shared Whatsapp Status

Best Whatsapp Status – Having a good status on Whatsapp make your profile better and if you have a large friend circle then it’s a must thing to show off, Whatsapp Status reflects your personality. Time to time Whatsapp introduced various new features into its app, now you can make audio calls, video calls, send multimedia files and make payments. Whatsapp is a must thing for all of us and now it’s part of our day to day life. Latest FB Status

Most Shared Whatsapp Status

IF you are looking for latest Whatsapp and Facebook Status messages then your are at right place, here we have made a collection of best status, quotes and messages for whatsapp. You can send these statuses to your whatsapp contacts and also add them to your instagram and facebook stories. Attitude Status in Hindi and English

Status About Love, Attitude, Fun

If You Don’T Like My Attitude Then Stop Talking To Me.

I Don’t Have An Attitude Problem, I Just Have A Personality That You Can’t Handle.

I Am Not Lazy I Am Just In My Energy Saving Mode.

Save Water And Shower Together

घर वाले कहते है कि मैं बहोत #मासूम हूँ, पर उन्हें कौन समझाये कि गंगाधर ही शक्तिमान है

Best Whatsapp Status Quotes

Hum Na Badlenge Waqt Ki Raftar Ke Saath,Jab Bhi Milenge Andaaz Purana Hoga.

Yesterday I Did Nothing And Today I’m Finishing What I Did Yesterday.
Status for Girls

I Wanna Be The Last One You Love.

It Costs $0.00 To Be A Decent Person.

I Will Be Back Before You Pronounce Afjkhnfkualnfhukcakecnhkj.

Whatsapp Love Status

कौन पूरी तरह काबिल है , कौन पूरी तरह पूरा है , हर एक शख्स कहीं ना कहीं किसी जगह से अधूरा है

I’m Just Having An Allergic Reaction To The Universe.

Be Happy For What You Have While Working For What You Want.

You Are Your Only Limit.

I Loved A Girl And She Broke My Heart….. Now Every Piece Of My Heart Love Different Girls…. People Called It Flirt That’S Not Fair…

Best Status In Hindi And English

I Am Not Special , I Am Just Limited Edition.

I Wish I Had ‘Google’ In My Mind And ‘Anti-Virus’ In My Heart…
Sad Status in Hindi

I Love You And That’S The Beginning And End Of Everything

Salary Is The Si Unit Of “Aukaat” In India -_-

Never Ever Give Up On Things You Love.

Whatsapp Status Quotes And Sayings

Silent People Have The Loudest Minds And The Best Hearts

I Cannot Promise To Solve All Your Problems But I Can Only Make Sure That I Will Never Let U Face Them Alone.

Life On Earth Is Expensive, But It Includes A Free Trip Around The Sun.

Love Doesn’T Hurt, Loving The Wrong Person Does.

Whatever Is Begun In Anger Ends In Shame.

Desi Hindi Status For Whatsapp

इंसान तो हर घर में पैदा होता है पर इंसानियत कहीं-कहीं ही जनम लेती है।

Be Happy In Front Of People Who Don’T Like You

There Is Nothing Wrong About Me, Except Having You.

I Didn’T Say It Was Your Fault, I Said I Was Blaming You.

There’S Only 1 Thing 2 Do 3 Words 4 You – I Love You.

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