Chocolaty Status Messages & Wishes for Girls | Happy Chocolate Day

Are you searching for some Sweet and Chocolaty status messages? Then you’re at right place. Here We’ve shared lots of Happy Chocolate Day Wishes to share with Girlfriend, Boyfriend and friends in Hindi and English language.

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Chocolate Day is the third day of the Valentine’s Week. You can share these sweet status and wishes for Chocolate day on your facebook profile and tag your friends and girlfriend there. You can also share these with your Whatsapp COntacts. And yeah don’t forget to gift chocolates to your valentine. Quotes and Wishes for Valentine’s Day 

BIN pukare hume sath paaoge, karo waada ki dosti aap bhi nibhaaoge.. dosti ka matlab ye nahi ki roz yaad karna, bas yaad rakhna us waqt jab akele-akele chocolate khaoge…

You Entered My Life Like A Hot ♨ Chocolate Fudge, Lets Enjoy The Rest Of It Together Before It Melts 💧 Or How About This Kitkaty Chocolate 🍫🍪 Day.

Status & Wishes For Chocolate Day

Anything is good if it’s made of 🍫 chocolate.
Love Status and messages in Hindi

Life is like a chocolate 🎁 box, Each chocolate 🍫 is like a portion of life, Some are 🍪 crunchy, some are nutty, Some are soft, but all are 😘 DELICIOUS. Happy Chocolate 🍫Day to my 💑 love one!

सनम तेरा ये 🍭 मीठा-सा प्यार, लाया है मेरे जीवन में 😇 बहार, प्यार की मिठास से सजा 🌏 संसार, चॉकलेट डे पे मैं करती हूँ प्यार का इजहार 👩‍❤‍👩💐

sanam tera ye meetha-sa pyaar, laaya hai mere jeevan me bahar, pyaar ki mithas se saja sansar, iss 🍫🍫 chocolate day pe karti hun mein apne pyaar ka izhaar

Happy Chocolate Day 2019

Nothing is better than true 💕💕 love which is yours forever but not if it comes with a chocolate. Than the later one is better. Happy 🍫🍫 chocolate day sweet heart…
Short Love Messages for Whatsapp

Welcome to the 🌎 world of 🍫🍫 chocolate,The perfect bar of dark chocolate,Oceans of milk cream & 🚣‍♀🚣‍♀ rivers of sweetness…. 🍫🍫

Chocolates 🍫🍫 are the most 🍦🍰 sweet thing to express the most beautiful 💗💓 emotion of love

भगवान बुरी नज़र से बचाये, 🍫 चोकलेट से मिठे मेरे यार को चिंटियाँ ना खा जाये, हैप्पी 🍫🍫 चोकलेट 🍫🍫 डे

Best Chocolaty Status In Hindi For Girlfriend

bhagwan buri nazar se bachaye, chocolate se meethe mere yaar ko cheetiya naa khaye, happy chocolate day
Best Teddy Day Status

प्यार का त्योहार है 🌞 आया संग अपने खुशियाँ लाया …आओ मिल कर मनाये इसे… कोई भी 🎨 रंग न रहे फीका… पर सबसे पहले करलो मुँह मीठा 🍫🍫🍪🍪

Is Sweet Se Din Mai, Apne Sweet Se Friend Ko, Sweet Si 🍫🍫 Chocolate, Meri Or Se. Happy Chocolate Day

Chocolaty Status Messages & Wishes for Girls

बार बार पूछने ⁉ से जवाब 🙋‍♂ बदल थोड़ी जायेगा, बता तो दिया ज़िन्दगी 🌹👩‍❤‍👩💐💓 हो तुम !! हैप्पी 🍫चॉकलेट🍫 डे!

Chocolate Day Wishes In English

baar-baar puchne par jawab badal to nahi jaayega, bata to diya zindagi ho tum… happy chocolate day
Promise Day Status in Hindi

A day without 🍫chocolate is like a day without 🌞 sunshine! Happy Chocolate Day 🌅🌅 🍫🍫

मिलने को तो दुनिया मे कई चेहरे मिले, पर तुम सी मोहब्बत‬ हम खुद से भी न कर पाये ! हैप्पी 🍫चॉकलेट🍫 डे

Chocolate is my favorite word which automatically 🌝☀ brighten up my mood. And so will be 👧 yours. Happy chocolate day. 🍫🍫

Sweet Chocolate Day Wishes For Boys And Girls

Lovely 🍫chocolate And lovely are the things u do But the loveliest part is friendship of the ❤two❤ One is me and other is Happy 🍫Chocolate🍫 Day
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Chocolates🍫🍫 are symbol of various stages of life.Some of them are tasty and some of them are 🍋🍋 sour.Happy chocolate day. 🍫🍫

So lets celebrate the occasion with 🍫chocolates. That will make the occasion all the more sweet. Happy Chocolate Day. 🍫🍫

बिन पुकारे हमे साथ पाओगे, करो वादा की दोस्ती 👭👫आप भी निभाओगे.. 🤟🤟 मतलब ये नहीं की रोज याद करना .. बस याद रखना उस वक़्त जब अकेले अकेले 🍫🍫 चॉकलेट खाओगे। ❤❤😘😘

So these were Chocolaty wishes for boys and girls to share on this chocolate day for whatsapp and facebook, i hope you liked our collection and shared this page with your friends. You can read our collections for other valentine week’s events. Don’t forget to comment down.

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