[Only for Girls] Attitude Status For Girls In English

Girly Status | When you search for Attitude Status, you’ll see most of the status messages are written for boys only, so I scrapped the web and made a collection for attitude status for girls in English. If you’re a girl and looking for some cool girly statuses then your search is over.

Attitude Status For Girls In English

You can set these whatsapp status for girl attitude on your whatsap status to make your ex-boyfriend jealous or just to show off to your friends. You can also post them on your facebook profile. Don’t forget to bookmark this page, you can consider this page as rare finding for the girls looking for attitude status in English :p.Self Attitude Status to Share on Whatsapp & FB 

My Personality Is Who I Am And
My Attitude Depends On Who You Are

Status For Girls In English

Some People Say ‘Never Forget Me’
Some People Says ‘Remember Me Always’
But I Say ‘Forget Me If You Can’

My Heels Are Higher Than Your Attitude

Dear Boys, Don’t Say
I Didn’t Have A Clear Heart
The Truth Is
You Don’t Have A Clear Mind

It’s Okay If You Don’t Like Me
Not Everyone Has Good Taste

This Queen Doesn’t Need A Kind

When People Say ‘I Look Ugly’
I Say ‘Oh Sorry! I Was Trying To Look Like You’

Girly Attitude Status

I Literally Don’t Talk To Anyone
Unless They Talk To Me First

Tere Attitude Se Log Jalte Honge Magar Mere Attitude Pe Log Marte Hai

Treat Me Like A Queen And
I’ll Treat You Like A King
But If You Treat Me Like A Game
I’ll Show You How It’s Played
Cool + Funny Attitude Status

Work For A Cause Bot For Applause
Live Life To Express Not To Impress

People With High Ego And Unnecessary Attitude
Deserves The Standing Ovation Of The Tallest Finger

Be A Girl With Mind, A Woman With Attitude And A Lady With Class

I’m Not Second Option, You Either Choose Me Or Loose Me

Girly Cute Status

Aisa Koi Meri Zindagi Me Aaye, Jiski Ammi Mujhse Kaam Na Karvaye

Girls Work On Their Looks, Not Their Minds.. Because They Know Boys Are Stupid But Not Blind..

Before You Judge Me, Make Sure You’re Perfect

My Life My Rule My Attitude My Mistakes
Who The Hell Are You To Judge Me ?

Dear Haters, Don’t Criticize Me For My Flaws And Mistakes When You Cannot See Yours

People That Aren’t Used To Quality Always Chase Quantity

Best Attitude Status For Girls

Don’t Ever Try To Play With Me, Bcz I Told You I Play Better Than You

What’s A Queen Without A King??
Well Historically Speaking More Powerful

I Act Like I Don’t Care But I Swear It Really Hurts
Stylish Status for Girls in Hindi

Single Isn’t A Status, It’s A Word That Describes A Person Who Is Strong Enough To Live And Enjoy Life Without Depending On Others

I Talk, I Smile, I Laugh Too
Be Careful When I’m Silent

Stop Checking My Status, Go And Love Your Gf

Tum Mere Sath Nahi Koi Baat Nahi
Ye Sehzaadi Tere Liye Roye Itni Tere Aukaat Nahi

Whatsapp Status In English

I Don’t Trust Someone Who Is Friends With Everyone

Excellence Is Not A Skill, It’s An Attitude

Don’t Get Puzzled Into My Personality And My Attitude
Because My Personality Is Me And My Attitude Depends On You

I’m Cool But Global Warming Made Me Hot

You Have To Be Odd To Be Number One

Aag Lagana Meri Fitrat Me Nahi, Ab Log Meri Sadgi Se Bhi Jalte Hai To Isme Mera Kya Kasoor

These were popular girly attitude status, i hope you liked them and shared this page with your friends. You can read more of our other collections from the homepage. If you want your status with us then comment down, so that our readers can enjoy them too.

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