Best Romantic Love Status for Husband

Romantic Love Status | Hello Friends, After Posting Romantic Status for Girls, Status for Boys and Girls today I’ve made a collection for Romantic Missing Husband Status For Whatsapp. So if you’re looking for some romantic status messages to share with your husband then you’re at right place. You must keep expressing your love towards your husband, if you do so then your husband will be more happy and you both will be having a more happy life than ever. Good Morning Status to wish your Husband and Partner

Best Romantic Love Status for Husband

You can speak these Status For Husband Wife In Hindi in front of your husband, or you can write these on a greeting card and present it to him. You can also post your couple photograph on social sites like facebook, instagram and add these Romantic Love Status For Husband In Hindi as captions. There are few other things like setting up these status messages and Images as Whatsapp Status and Facebook Stories. Happy Quotes on Love and Life

प्यार मोहब्बत आशिक़ी ये सब बस अल्फ़ाज़ थे
मगर जब तुम मिले इन अल्फाज़ो को मायने मिले

Romantic Status For Husband In Hindi

बात इतनी सी थी के तुम अच्छे लगते थे
अब बात इतनी बढ़ गयी है
की तुम बिन कुछ अच्छा नहीं लगता

Everyday of my life is perfect
Because it Starts & Ends
With Loving You
Short Love Status Messages for Whatsapp

My Life’s Biggest Achievement is that
I Get to be with an
Awesome Man like you Every Day

Every Single Day is Interesting when
You’re Here with Me

Dear Husband
I Do not Know what Life is Going to Bring
The Only that I know is
That I will keep Loving You Forever…

My Husband is one of my Greatest Blessings

Romantic lovely Status for Husband

Dear Husband My Real Smile comes when I am with You

When I am with you I feel complete

My Husband thinks I’m Crazy
However He is the one that Married Me

चेहरे पे हंसी छा जाती है
आंखों में सुरूर आ जाता है
जब तुम मुझे अपना कहते हो
अपने पे गुरूर आ जाता है

Status For Husband Birthday

No Greater Light illuminates
My Path than the Love you have brought
Into my Life

I want to show him what Love really is
To make him feel Love he’s never felt before
To make his Heart Beat in a way he never knew possible
Status to share with Lovers on Whatsapp

Happy Birthday to the man of my Life
To the King of my Dreams
And to the Mate of My Soul

It is good to have a Partner who forgives the past
It is good to have a partner who forgives what you do in the present
Best of all is to have a partner who forgives everything and focus on a future together

You make me complete
Your perfection I adore
There is no Distance I cannot go
To see you smile each day

Even the mere silence of Love
Has the power to drown out all of Life’s Chaos.

Romantic Status for Husband In Hindi

I’m a proud wife of a Wonderful Husband

I Love being my Husband’s wife
Happy Anniversary Hubby

Dear Hubby, Even after Marriage
I still fall for you Everyday

I Love my Life because my day Begins and Ends
In the Arms of a Handsome Caring Husband Like you

Romantic Good Morning Status For Husband

सफर वहीं तक है जहाँ तक तुम हो
नज़र वही तक है जहाँ तक तुम हो
हज़ारो फूल देखे है इस गुलशन में मगर
खुशबू वही तक है जहाँ तक तुम हो

Since you came in my Life
Everything has Changed
And thank You for
Being in My Life
Happy Marriage Anniversary wishes for Couples

It doesn’t matter who is the boss of this house
As Long As we End the Day with Romantic Kiss
I Love You

My Heart want to Follow wherever you go
And My thoughts only revolve around you

We’ll be adding more and more statuses to our collection Romantic Anniversary Status For Husband, so you wouldn’t end up getting statatuses to express your love. Don’t forget to share this page with your friends, so the other wives can also express their love to their husbands. Read our other best whatsapp status collections and tell us how was this collection in our comment box.

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