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Don’t try to understand life, you wouldn’t come out alive :p

I am not failed, but I’ve lost my success

Funny Whatsapp Status

Before Messaging me try to say ‘M’ before touching your lips

Danger Zone!! I know Judo, Kung-Fu and some other words

Silence always doesn’t mean you have nothing to say , it might mean it slipped from your mind 🙂

Normal Guys wait for the Green Signal, and Drunk ones go straight without waiting

Don’t go for BF, go for a Dog, they are more loyal and will die soon

Funny Whatsapp Status

etc. is an acronym for End of Thinking Capacity

I need a better wife and a wi-fi

I hate when everyone seems happy

Treat me like never before

Doing nothing is the toughest thing to do, you can’t be certain about the finishing date

Whatsapp Funny Sms

Everything turns funnier when you try to be quiet

my life is all about 3 things, sleep, food and wifi

When I saw you on Tinder, I didn’t swipe left nor Right, Just Look

Don’t use me, i’m on ultra power saving mode

Wait… Drop everything from your pockets, I think you stole my Heart

Status Whatsapp Funny

Have you ever imagined that God knows about you and your intelligence :p

1-hour Phone on Silent mode = 10 missed calls, Full Day Phone at Loud Sound = No calls

If You had a brain, I would have taught you how to use that

Girls use Picasa to look beautiful and boys use ms-paint to show their creativity

Dear Lord, can’t we skip Mondays

Popular Funny Love Status

God has a good creativity sense… I mean just look at me

When I am gonna die, some people are going to get haunted

3 eternal mistakes, Facebook, Whatsapp & Gf..

Heyya… you again reading my status

Wow, my tallest finger is now ready for standing ovation

Funny Statuses For Whatsapp

I’m not using WhatsApp, Whatsapp is using me

Didn’t you noticed the amazing sound when you like my status, i think you haven’t liked it yet

80% boys have girlfriends and rest have mind including me :p

V=RI, the more is current, the larger will be the voltage

Can’t walk, teleporting only

Funny Statuses For Whatsapp

Now you Can’t copy my Status

When I was Born, #Devil said, ohhh shitt Competition

My biggest concern is, How I’m gonna inform my Facebook Friends of My #Death

90% boys have gfs and rest 10% have working brain 😀

The brain is the perfect helper when you know how to use it

Funny Whatsapp Status Message

A black cat can stop hundreds of people just by passing the crossroad, but traffic light had failed to do the same

Behind every successful person, there is always a surprising woman

A bookstore is only some shreds of evidence we have that people are still thinking.

A Tax is a Fine for Working Well and a Fine is a Tax for Working Doings

Awesome ends with ‘me’ & Ugly starts with ‘you’

Funny Whatsapp Status In English

Rules are made to be broken

If you are against me, either you win or die

Nowadays #Facebook has more Drama than TV Shows

I always sleep wearing jeans, cuz you don’t know who you will meet in your dreams

Respect Yourself, don’t care about others

Funny Attitude Status In English

Worst moment of your life, when your phone has 1% battery and you got an important call

Attitude is like a stylish underwear, can’t show it but we wore it

A bottle of Wine can awaken different super powers

I always thought air is free until I bought a chips bag

I was cool but global warming made me very hot

Whatsapp Status Funny One Liner

I want someone who gives me some loan and then leaves me alone

I am living in a fairytale, keep your reality away from me

The one and one thing I have learned from college is texting without looking

The whole universe is just jealous of me

I’m impressed with the #creativity of god, if you still not believing, just look at me

Funny Whatsapp Sms

I have decided to burn lots of calories today, so I set a fat kid on fire

I’m Awesome, Who cares about You?

Wife: I have changed my mind, Husband: is it working now?

The thing I have learned from college is that not finishing a project is not the end of the world

I’d love my job when I am on holidays

Whatsapp Funny Status

If I agree with your idea then we both will be wrong

I’m not lazy, I’m just saving my energy

If you still hate me then no worries

I may be fat, but you’re too ugly

If the money grew on the trees then the girls would have dating monkeys

Funny Sms For Whatsapp

You can never Buy #Love but you have to pay for it

You can’t compete with my status neither on Whatsapp nor in Reality

I don’t drink alcohol, but when I do I feel awesome

If no one hates you then you aren’t doing any exciting work

I just wake up when I can’t hold my pee any further

Very Funny Fb Status

Silence is the best thing, when you want to be heard more

When I’m gonna die, my last words would be, “I’ve hidden Million Dollars in………”

When I woke up, i realized I can’t hold my pee any longer

I’m single doesn’t mean i’m always available

Why it is so easy to fall asleep on school bench rather on bed

Funny Sms For Whatsapp

I hate men, but it doesn’t make me lesbian

I want someone who lends me some money and then leave me alone

A trust is just a great story ruined by a lie

Light travel faster than sound, thatwhy people appear bright until they speak

I hate people who stole my ideas before I was born

Whatsapp Status Funny One Liner

In victory you deserve Wine and if you loose you need it

Its incredible that the amount of incidents happened all over the day exactly fits the length of newspaper

people who exercise live longer, but what’s the point of spending those extra years into gym

My father told me find a job you love, and i ended up being a mental patient, It’s Complicated

I study for 15 minutes and take break for 3 hours, cuz I’m Different

Funny Status For Whatsapp

Life is very short, Tpye Fast

Smile when you still have teeth

A man in the gym asked the trainer, how to impress that girl which machine to use… the trainer said use ATM

Marriage is the ony cause of Divorce

Mosquitoes are just like family members, annoying but they carry your blood

Funny Love Status For Whatsapp

We men wants same things from women as we want from our underwear, some support and freedom

When nothing seems #Right_ then go for #Left_

I hope I’ll be as lucky as my parents, they have an awesome kid

When my dad joined Whastapp, my Status  changed to ****No Status****

Can I check inside your Bra, My Heart is Stolen

Latest Fun Status For Whatsapp

My ‘Last Seen’ was to check your ‘Last Seen’

Don’t copy my Style

Never laugh on your wife’s choices, 🙁 you are one of them :p

There is only one difference between Genius and stupid, Genius people have their limits

I didn’t fall, the floor looked like it needs a hug

Funny Love Status For Whatsapp

I bottled_ up_ so much inside,nd right now I have got more bottled_ up_ than Cola Factory

When_I’m_good_I’m_Very_Good, When_I’m_Bad_I’m_Sensational

The best one night stand is #Masturb@tion

In the beginning parents taught us how to walk and talk and then rest of our life they asked us to sit and stay quiet

Everything Happens for a reason, so if I punch you, remember I have a reason

Funny Whatsapp Messages

Now you can’t copy my status

People who change their status in every 30 minutes, their GF is the reason

Don’t kiss behind the gardens, Love is blind but neighbours have eyes

A friend will be with you forever until he gets in a relationship

SI unit of ignorance is “SEEN”

Whatsapp Status Funny

Nothing is lost, until my mother can’t find it

Looking for Free WiFi Connections

Save Water Drink Beer

Scratch ######## to reveal the status

I am not on Whatsapp

Whatsapp Funny Sms In English

The only place where success comes before work is dictionary

Plz Disturb me

Waiting for your Disturbance

The awkward moment, when that awkward moment got worse awkward

I’m so awesome that sometime i wish i could hangout with myself

Best Funny Status In English

CLASS is an Acronym for Come Late And Start Sleeping

Relationship Status : Looking for Free Offers

You might consider me very thoughtful, but 99% of time i’m just thinking about what food to try today

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