Soulful Yoga Status Messages for Whatsapp Friends

Yoga is in Trend Nowadays and it’s becoming a profession more and more. Search on Google for Yoga status for Whatsapp friends is trending. If you’re also looking for some Yoga status to share with your friends then you’re at right place.

Yoga Status for Whatsapp Friends

You can get an Idea of it’s popularity by knowing that there’s one day fixed especially for Yoga and it’s celebrated worldwide, millions of people do yoga everyday at morning time into the parks or into their home. If you’re living a busy life and not able to take care of your dietaries and lifestyle, then yoga is a must for you. Before Reading our Latest Yoga Status Messages we recommend you to read Popular Yoga Asans and Steps to do them , Quotes on Love and Life . Yoga Gives us Strength from Inside, it charge our souls and makes our mind active.

योग है स्वास्थ्य के लिए लाभकारी। योग रोगमुक्क्त जीवन के लिए गुणकारी।

When the breath wanders the mind also is unsteady. But when the breath is calmed the mind too will be still, and the yogi achieves long life. Therefore, one should learn to control the breath.

Before you’ve practiced, the theory is useless . After you’ve practiced, the theory is obvious

Concentrating on poses clears the mind, while focusing on the breath helps the body shift out of fight or flight mode.

कमजोरियाँ हमारे अंदर डर पैदा करती हैं, योग उन्हें दूर करता हैं.

The clearest way into the universe is through a forest wilderness.

स्वास्थ सबसे बड़ा उपहार हैं, संतोष सबसे बड़ा धन हैं, यह दोनों योग से ही मिलते हैं।

Sun salutations can energize and warm you, even on the darkest, coldest winter day.

योग हमें उन चीजों को ठीक करना सिखाता है जिसे सहा नहीं जा सकता और उन चीजों को सहना सिखाता है जिन्हे ठीक नहीं किया जा सकता।

Yoga is the perfect opportunity to be curious about who you are.

Yoga is not a religion. It is a science, science of well-being, science of youthfulness, science of integrating body, mind and soul.

योग से सिर्फ रोगों, बीमारियों से छुटकारा ही नही मिलता है बल्कि यह सबके कल्याण की गारंटी भी देता है

Yoga is not just a workout, it is working on yourself.

When you inhale, you are taking the strength from God. When you exhale, it represents the service you are giving to the world.

Yoga exists in the world because everything is linked.

योग भी अब व्यवसाय के रूप में बदल रहा है और कई लोगों को रोजगार भी प्रदान कर रहा है।

Chair pose is a defiance of spirit, showing how high you can reach even when you’re forced down.

Yoga is almost like music in a way, there is an end to it.

It’s about Unlocking Your Ideas about what You want, Where You Think You Can Go, And How Will You Achieve when You get there.

Yoga is the practice of quieting your mind.

ध्यान से ज्ञान आता है; ध्यान की कमी अज्ञानता लाती है। अच्छी तरह जानो कि क्या तुम्हे आगे ले जाता है और क्या तुम्हे रोके रखता है, और उस पथ को चुनो जो ज्ञान की ओर ले जाता है।

Yoga means union – the union of body with consciousness and consciousness with the soul.

Warrior pose battles inner weakness and wins focus. You see that there is no war within you. You’re on your own side, and you are your own strength.

The meaning of our self is not to be found in its separateness from God and others, but in the ceaseless realisation of yoga, of union; not on the side of the canvas where it is blank, but on the side where the picture is being painted.

Yoga is a light, which once lit, will never dim.

योग मन को स्थिर करने की क्रिया है।

Inhale, and God approaches you. Hold the inhalation, and God remains with you. Exhale, and you approach God. Hold the exhalation, and surrender to God.

In truth, it matters less what we do in practice than how we do it and why we do it. The same posture, the same sequence, the same meditation with a different intention takes on an entirely new meaning and will have entirely different outcomes.

योग यौवन का फब्वारा है.
आप उतने ही नौजवान है.
जितनी आप के रीढ़ की हड्डी लचीली है.

Yoga is also turning into a profession and is providing employment to many.

Yoga means addition – addition of energy, strength and beauty to body, mind and soul.

The deeper you get into Yoga, you realize it is a spiritual practice. It’s a journey I’m making. I’m heading that way.

योग भी अब व्यवसाय के रूप में बदल रहा है और कई लोगों को रोजगार भी प्रदान कर रहा है

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built.

योग स्वीकार करता है। योग प्रदान करता है।

योग सिर्फ आत्म सुधार के बारे में नहीं बतलाता है, बल्कि यह आत्म स्वीकृति के बारे में सिखाता है।

I always think I look better after a yoga class. It’s the same as a massage. We look so amazing after a massage because we’re relaxed. – Andie MacDowell, American actress

Daily do not have any disease near the yoga.

योग कीजिए, रोग दूर भगाइए
रोज कीजिये, और जीते जाईये

Yoga is possible for anybody who really wants it. Yoga is universal…. But don’t approach yoga with a business mind looking for worldly gain.

I have been a seeker and I still am, but I stopped asking the books and the stars. I started listening to the teaching of my Soul.

Yoga teaches us to cure what need not be endured and endure what cannot be cured.

By its Constant Practice, We can Free Ourselves type, ‘Fear, Anguish and Loneliness’ !!Happy International Yoga Day!!

योग मन के उतार-चढ़ाव को स्थिर करने की प्रक्रिया है।

To break every disease now is to add ties to yoga.

There are countries around the world which have 24 hours dedicated TV channels for Yoga.

योग धर्म नही, एक विज्ञान हैं
यह कल्याण का विज्ञान, यौवन का विज्ञान
शरीर, मन और आत्मा को जोड़ने का विज्ञान हैं

Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape.

In the Practice of Yoga once can emphasize the body, the mind or the self and hence the effort can never be fruitless….

Yoga is a secret that retains your body and mind.

हमारा स्वास्थ्य ही असली धन है न कि सोने और चांदी के टुकड़े, इसलिए योग के द्वारा इसे बनाये रखे

You cannot always control what goes on outside, but you can always control what goes on inside.

Yoga strengthen the connection between our soul and our body… so these were popular Yoga status in Hindi and English to share with your Friends on Whatsapp and Facebook. You can set these Status on your Whatsapp profile and also add them to your stories on International Yoga Day. I hope you liked our collection and don’t forget to comment down and read our other status collection.

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